(Winter Boy) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Winter Boy

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Christophe Honoré

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Paul Kircher, Vincent Lacoste..

Music by Yoshihiro Hanno

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Selection Toronto, San Sebastian, Tokyo Festivals….

A 17-year-old high school student trying to get to grips with the new challenges posed by death, life, the city and “the temptation of renouncement”.

Paris 26 December, the day before shooting.

Dear Yoshihiro,

I’m very excited to have you be the musician for my next feature film.

I admire your work and especially the music you composed for “Mountains May Departure”, Jia Zhangke’s film. I’m starting my shoot tomorrow, until mid-February. I am as always impatient and terrified. The story of my film is told by a 17-year-old man. He strives to reconstruct the events that took place in his life following the death of his father in a car accident. His narrative is troubled, chaotic, he tries to tame death, love and a shameful sense of freedom at the same time and it is as if he is trying to look the sun in the face. I would like to give my images to a theme that evokes disgrace, the loss of the idyll and the irruption of a new tenderness, where Lucas could take refuge when he no longer understands what is happening to him. I propose to send you regularly news of the film I am going to shoot, images, remarks, so that you can connect our two imaginaries for miles away. I am very happy to know that each of us, on two different continents, are starting to dream together of a film that does not yet exist. With all my friendship in Paris.

Christophe Honoré, Director

Before filming, Christophe Honoré gave me a briefing on the subject matter of Lycéan. 

He asked me to compose a Family nostalgia theme based on the story and some photos.

I expressed in music the transition from a 17-year-old boy to adulthood, fragility, confusion, family ties, and hope for the future, and entrusted these compositions to the director. 

Our collaboration achieved a miraculous synchronicity, with every song composed before filming resonating throughout this beautiful film. This was a surprise and a valuable experience.

Yoshihiro Hanno – Composer



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Paolo Strippoli

Music by Raf Keunen

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

In the past few days Rome has been the scene of a singular event: when it rains, the manholes exhale a dense stream whose origin and composition is unknow. No one can imagine that whoever breathes in the mysterious substance will have to deal with what he/she represses, their darkest instincts, their anger. Not even the Morel family…


Flowing is a ghost story without ghosts.

Of the ghost story it respects the narrative structure, the suspension, and, after all, the “presences” the steam evokes might seem like ghosts. However, they are projections of our darkest instincts, the demons that we hide in the depths of our soul, that we feed without realizing it. Our anger.

The idea of ​​making a horror about rage in Rome immediately fascinated me for its truthfulness. The Rome described in Flowing is constantly on the verge of exploding and is not too far from today’s reality. It is sufficient to be in line at a supermarket or the post office, in a bus that is too full to feel it crawling among people. It is the same anger that feeds the worst forms of politics today, that gives rise to the most boorish outbursts on social media, that makes us increasingly individualistic.

 My intention was to make Flowing a dramatic film that would slowly slide into a spiral of horror, photographing the neuroses and weaknesses of the world we live in through the filter of the genre. I wanted Flowing to be what I most love and constantly look for as a spectator: a horror film with a heart.

                                                                                                                                          Paolo Strippoli


The big challenge for the score of Flowing was to find the right balance between the drama it holds and the horror elements. The family story at the heart of the film is very present and leads us to the bigger picture behind it. In each scene the characters and their struggles, obstacles and development: it’s rare to see a more in-depth approach of personal coping with inner demons in horror, but this is the horror itself and that’s fascinating. Their conflict with personal demons is the horror. 

                                                                                                                                                   Raf Keunen


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

A film by Nicola Abbatangelo

Music by Fabrizio Mancinelli

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

A young immigrant named Eva living in New York during the 1920s dreams of becoming a singer and falls for a pianist with an active imagination….

When Nicola Abbatangelo asked me to compose both the score and the songs for his first feature “The Land of Dreams” I was obviously overjoyed as this was a chance of a lifetime to express myself in a form, I always felt close to my heart: the musical. Nicola Abbatangelo and Davide Orsini’s script was the primary inspiration in conceiving a group of songs that could lead the storytelling crescendo of Eva and Armie’s adventure. Some songs are more danceable (with a longer Broadway-ish number) while some others incorporate moments of reflection. I channeled different experiences of my life as an immigrant in Eva’s feelings and in her desire to make it. The score is in line with the Fantasy-like look of the film (and how inspiring have been Mirco Sgarzi’s cinematography and Luigi Mearelli’s editing), incorporating more aleatoric moments (In the trenches – with a quasi-meta-music moment) and variations on the song themes which are fully developed in the piece called What dreams are made of. I have to thank Nicola for believing in me and strongly wanting me on this film and our producer Marco Belardi for granting us the resources to realize a fully orchestral score (in difficult covid times). And last, but not least, my ultimate thanks go to my music team. Without them I could have never achieved these results.

Fabrizio Mancinelli music composer

It’s never easy to make a movie. Like being on a rollercoaster, we travel at a supersonic speed, between ups and downs. It is for this very reason that I have always considered it essential to surround myself with true and great talents. With Fabrizio we share a true friendship and the dream to create stories that can give the audience that same amazement that pushed us, since childhood, to pursue this career. This was the propulsive force behind all the work on The Land Of Dreams. I wish Fabrizio, a marvelous Artist, and all the people who will listen to the beautiful music from our film, to never stop hoping and dreaming.

Nicola Abbatangelo – Director



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Kilian Riedhof

Music by Peter Hinderthür

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Selection Festival de Locarno

France cinema November 2

Germany cinema November 10

“Vous n’aurez pas ma haine”: L’histoire vraie d’Antoine Leiris, qui a perdu Hélène, sa femme bien-aimée, pendant les attentats du Bataclan à Paris. Adapté du livre d’Antoine Leyris.

Antoine lost his wife in the Bataclan bombing in Paris. In a Facebook post, he explains how he resists hate: he opposes that of terrorists to his love for his 3-year-old son. Bereaved, he seems to be losing ground.

Antoine lost his wife in the Bataclan bombing in Paris. In a Facebook post, he explains how he resists hate: He counters the terrorists’ hate with his love for his 3-year-old son.

Alto flute, string quartet, large string ensemble and electronics –

the composer Peter Hinderthuer finds a sensitive equivalent in the music for both the breakup of Antoine’s social structure and the painful return to life.

Peter’s score explores the space behind what is actually visible. The space of despair, hatred, memory and hope.
It is a music that oscillates between paradise and hell, light and darkness, angels and demons, life and death.
In its subtlety, it avoids all pathos, but not compassion.
It professes a cinema that touches and seduces.
And it possesses what movies are in their essence: magic.

Kilian Riedhof – Director

The terror of 13.11.2015 is real, the people who had to experience it are real, the losses, the pain and the grief are as well.
It was immediately clear that I could confidently throw my previous experience as a film composer overboard for this story. 
So I first wrote An Ode To Live – my attempt to counter the terrorists’ will to destroy with beauty and sophistication, as Leiris suggests in a TV interview.
Who knows how the somewhat strange-seeming “You will not have my hate” would sound if I hadn’t been allowed to compose it completely freely without the footage from the editing room.
The other pieces were also created at the request of the director away from the film and were only applied to the film very late in the editing process. 
I am very grateful to Kilian for this way of working, so I was able to focus fully on the emotional significance of this story.

Peter Hinderthür – Composer

SHOCKWAVE 2044 by Maximilien Mathevon


Musique de Maximilien MATHEVON

With support of Centre National de la Musique

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Special Halloween Shockwave 2044 is the meeting of an electronic music album and an original soundtrack. That of an imaginary film, a fantastic B movie from the 80s, a genre that I like.

Shockwave 2044 is also the meeting of musical styles that are dear to me: the retro electronics of the 80s (the soundtracks of John Carpenter, those of Harold Faltermeyer, Brad Fiedel, Giorgio Moroder, the music of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre), contemporary sound design and film music (Hans Zimmer…), and orchestral film music (Michael Giacchino, Elliot Goldenthal). These musical styles inspired the sound palette that I used: the vintage sonorities of analog synths from the 80s, those, modern and evolutionary, specific to contemporary sound design and orchestral samples (strings, brass and voices). This album was produced with the support of the Centre National de la Musique.

Maximlien Mathevon

01 – At the Beginning – 05:12

02 – Pulse’s Cosmic Trip – 04:24

03 – Detecting The Pulse – 03:42

04 – The Shockwave – 06:07

05 – Wasteland – 09:27

06 – A Survivor – 04:30

07 – Hybrids – 04:11

08 – Together Means Hope – 03:51

09 – Travel To Safety – 06:26

10 – Ambush – 03:45

11 – The Last Shelter – 04:32

12 – Preparing For Battle – 03:38

13 – The Last Stand – 07:32

14 – The Future Lies Ahead – 03:51

15 – Shockwave 2044 – 04:20


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Zeke Jeremiah

Music by Edward Antonio

Song featuring by Sadie Lee

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Best friends embark on the challenges of Freshmen year while working through their own problems, until a tragic incident changes everything with their community lets in devastation….

Notes from the Director:

Director Zeke Jeremiah:

I had an idea for a film to create something that showed what is going on with the youth around us. Some of their thoughts and battles throughout the day. That’s where “Forever and a Day came in”. It was a challenging task and I wanted everything to have its appropriate meaning especially with coming up with the soundtrack for the film. The kids in the film are dealing with real heavy things in their life and I wanted the music to speak for them in that situation as it helped to express the feelings, they are having a long with relating to those who have been through something similar. The music was important here because it had to flow with the tone of the film, that goes with musical instruments, cadence and even lyrics. That’s where Composer Edward Antonio stepped in to bring this to life. We worked together for long hours on this as it proved to be a challenge, but that is what makes the journey of it all that much better. At the end Edward was masterful at compiling the musical notes with the tone of the film, giving it an emotional taste that will leave the audience in awe.

Notes from the Composer:

Film composer Edward Antonio:

When I first saw the film in its raw form, in my mind I could hear organic themes and orchestral tones throughout the scenes. It was obvious to me that it needed a traditional orchestra with some guitars and synths to also give it a modern feel as well. I would write several motifs and present it to the director for approval.  We would spend hours on a scene down to the second on where to place it and when to enter and exit the music. Director Zeke was also familiar with music. He was incredibly patient and wouldn’t keep quiet if he did not agree with the score of a particular scene. In the end, it was an honor to work with this director. We had the same goal, to make the music fit the scenes like the film and music were always meant to be together.



Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital & Cd Physical Limited Edition

A New Latin Language

Very intimate, this solo guitar album is an emotional stroll through soft and intense tracks.

The journey of a lifetime…highs but also lows, colours and textures that carry,

accompanied on some tracks by sublime voices like those of Alvina Lanselle and Sheilah


Guitarist and composer, Diego Lipnizky was born in Buenos Aires in 1983. At the age of 7, he

arrives in Madrid and begins to study modern guitar. As a teenager, he entered the school of

music “Escuela de Música Creativa” in Madrid where he obtained his professional license.

Diego takes lessons from great masters such as Ramon Paús, Joaquín Chacón, Jorge

Cariglino, Alejandro Roman, Eva Gancedo, Andy Philips, Miguel Blanco or Yayo Morales.


01 Pausa – 02:47

02 Luna – 02:11

03 Bossa En Mi – 02:31

04 Lonely Trip – 04:36

05 A Tu Lado – 02:42

06 Maïa – 02:25

07 Corriendo detrás – 02:56

08 Ma belle étoile – 01:29

09 You Are There (feat Sheilah Cuffy) – 05:23

10 Canci ón para un ni ño enfadado – 03:36

11 The Caregiver – 03:02

12 For All Of You – 02:40

Diego Lipnizky (Acoustic Guitar and compositions)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Tom Waller

Music by Olivier Lliboutry

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Based on The Incredible True Story that Captivated the World

Based on the true nail-biting mission that captivated the world. An international team of elite divers is mobilized to rescue a boys soccer team trapped in a cave by rising floodwaters.

What’s it like to be trapped in a cave for 18 days? How does it feel to be part of one of the biggest rescue missions in history? When rising floodwaters trap a boys soccer team in a cave system in Thailand, an Irish cave diver (Jim Warny, as himself) joins the massive effort to save them. Shot at the original locations – and featuring real heroes involved in the rescue – this incredible saga based on true events is as close as you can get to experiencing for yourself the intensity of this inspiring adventure.

First up we have a trailer debut for Lionsgate’s “Cave Rescue,” a thriller based on the real-life Tham Luang cave rescue incident from 2018. It stars Jim Warny (“The Rescue”), Ekawat Niratvorapanya (“Girl From Nowhere”), and Lawrence de Stefano (“The Flight Attendant”) and opens in theaters, on demand, and digital August 5, 2022, with the Blu-ray arriving on September 13. Here is an official statement from director, producer, and co-writer Tom Waller:

“It was a true honor and privilege to work closely with the real cave divers who participated in the hazardous mission to save the 13 ‘Wild Boars’ soccer team from the cave in Thailand 4 years ago – they are the real superheroes of this miraculous story and showed us the power of the human spirit.”


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Director Natalie Kennedy

Music by Arhynn Descy

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

In BLANK, struggling author, Claire Rivers signs up for a fully A.I. operated retreat to help her writer’s block, but when an unforeseen software glitch occurs, she gets trapped inside her unit with a malfunctioning android, a degenerating host and no communication with the outside world. As time is running out, food supplies getting desperately low and the android becomes increasingly unstable, Claire must overcome her fears and find a way to outsmart the technology in order to make it out of the retreat alive.

BLANK is the debut feature from Director Natalie Kennedy (Down and Out) and has received accolades at several international sci-fi and genre film festivals including: Boston Science Fiction Film Festival (2022), GenreBlast Film Festival (2021), Lady Filmmakers Film Festival (2021), Other Worlds (2021).

Arhynn Descy – Score Composer – Statement

It was an utter pleasure working with Natalie on Blank. Her very clear vision allowed me all

the space in the world to use my creativity to realise that vision. There are two strands in

this film and I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create two different, yet

complementary sonic worlds to reflect these strands, which appear in multiple ways; real

person vs AI, present day vs past, outside vs inside, truth vs story. And so I crafted a sound

world that reflected all these ‘twos. Synth and programmed instruments were combined

with ‘real’ recorded piano and violin, the latter reaching a climax of human emotion, played

beautifully by violinist Francina Moll Salord in the final showdown between Claire and Rita –

real person vs AI. Correspondingly, the piano features its own duality in the score – a ‘real’

piano vs a broken piano and, as in the story, the two sound worlds collide and impact each

other as they inevitably must.

Natalie Kennedy – Director – Statement

It was clear in the early stages of working with Arhynn that her composition style would bring the essential sense of tension and unease so instrumental in the creation of the right tone and atmosphere for the film. As with other features in this genre the environment created by the soundtrack so heavily influences the end result and audience reaction.  From gentle beginnings with a sense of unknown menace, to the stark realities of entrapment, threat and an insistent sense of foreboding, Arhynn’s skill and grasp of the concept shine through.


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Written and Directed by Mariano Biasin

Music by EMilio Cervini

Festival Selection

-San Sebastian release (Sept. 21)

-Biarritz release (Sept. 27)

-Argentina commercial release (Nov. 17)

Manuel lives in a small coastal town. He plays bass in a band with his best friends. One of them is Felipe, with whom he shares a strong friendship. Unbreakable bond. Until the time comes to put it to test…

Composer Statement about the Music:

Making the music for Sublime was a very nurturing process for me. The 6 songs the protagonists band play during the story were the greatest challenge. I felt compelled to put myself in the shoes of the characters even before the casting happened. At times I went looking for my teenager rock bands experience. But hindsight was not enough, I needed to investigate the particularities of these character. How does Manu compose? Would Felipe make this riff? Would they use this word in the chorus? Would Fran sing this kind of melody?

The 3 songs from Azul’s brother band, are closer to the music that I listened to in my youth and that I still enjoy today. The composition work in this case was more natural. And regarding the incidental music, I felt those pieces had to be minimalist since the screenplay already had a lot of music performed by the characters.

For all this, I think that this album offers a kind of narrative within, and it is my wish that Sublime is a story that can be heard, even separated from its images.

Director Statement about the Music:

I’m delighted by this music. I wrote ‘band plays song 1’ or ‘Manu composes song 5’ in the screenplay. And now, after an amazing work with Emilio, I believe there couldn’t be better music for this film than this one. And I love we have this album version. I enjoy listening to it while I walk, especially when I walk in the sea shore.