MOSQUITO (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

MOSQUITO (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Joao Nuno Pinto

Music composed by Justin Melland

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

A Portuguese soldier gets lost in the African jungle, in 1917…

Music Soundtrack on CD Digital & Vinyl Collector Limited Edition

Les musiques électriques ont le défaut d’être éclectiques. Dans un scenario d’une romance de 1917 on aurait pu imaginer des violons et des archers en duo duels, une panoplie d’instruments et de pluriels pour la convention et la forme. C’est une surprise et finalement une agréable surprise de voir un suspens, une histoire se dérouler sous nos yeux avec des synthés, des chuintements. Justin Melland a été choisie pour cette collaboration originale. Un mélange de technique dans un espace-temps qui n’en comptait pas. Un regard angoissant sous un manteau de velours phonétique. C’est le choix judicieux du réalisateur Joao Nuno Pinto. Une histoire romanesque avec des acteurs terriblement vrais. Un road movie dans des contrées perdues pour des âmes qui se sont perdus entre un Don Quichote de trois pommes et des hallucinations de victoires et de guerres qui ne retiendront aucune place dans les mémoires. Mais la musique a été a la hauteur d’un impénitent soldat, a la hauteur d’une face a la vie. C’était ose, vous l’avez réalisé, bravo au réalisateur et bravo au compositeur.

Hellen Page


Working with Joao on MOSQUITO has been the greatest highlight of my career.  He is a master auteur and knew exactly what to say to me to inspire my finest work.  The palette I was presented with when starting to work on this amazing film was so rich and inspired, the score nearly wrote itself.  I formulated my analog based, electronic pallet the same way I would an acoustic orchestra.  I thought of the structures like orchestral music, and I blended the textures much the same way I do when writing for more traditional forces.  The thing I love about writing scores, is the process of diving deeply into an instrument to find its expression, to discover what it’s good for and what it “likes” to do.  I let the sound of the instrument itself partially inform how I can write with it.  There is a symbiotic relationship between myself and the instrument that is very inspiring.  When writing the score, I would watch a scene, find the soul of Zacarias in the moment and take that with me into a “material generating discovery session”.  Then I would mold the material into the score for the scene to add depth to the life on the screen.  This is a film composers’ assignment, and it’s one that requires the deepest of emotional and sonic explorations.  Thank you for listening to what I discovered.

Mosquito tell the story of the lonely odyssey, through the inhospitable World War One African landscape, by private Zacarias. A character driven experience, I wanted the audience to be completely immersed in to the soldier’s psych through his entire journey. Justin Melland has this incredible talent for creating emotional audio maps for the characters. Through his music, we dive inside the protagonist mind; experiencing his fears, enduring his obsessions or even feeling euphoric with him. Melland take us do the darkest places with the same at ease that fly us to the brightest sky, his music is powerful and transcendental, in a constant dialectic with the film’s story and visual landscape. Put the volume up, close your eyes and watch the film. 

João Nuno Pinto

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