TIJUANA BIBLE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

TIJUANA BIBLE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Jean Charles Hue

Music composed and Performed by Thierry Malet

& The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

C’est une musique frappée par la torpeur suffocante d’un Tijuana désœuvré. Les chemises sont trempées de la sueur de la peur. Les barbes sont rugueuses comme des sonorités métalliques a moins que ce ne soit les barillets des pistoleros. Ruisselant comme des notes, les histoires sont pleines de secrets et de femmes lascives. C’est le Tijuana qu’a mis en note et musique le compositeur et perfectionniste, Thierry Malet. Des notes aidées et dirigées par le City of Prague Philhamonic Orchestra. Une ampleur de sons et de matières. Un tintement joyeux et ténébreux pour cette peinture étouffante de la réalité americano Latina. Aux frontières des desperados s’ajoute les tentatives de rêveurs qui se feront casser les dents et les os aux premiers verres de tequila. La musique est volontairement ironique, cassante, en dents de scie avec une réalité qui sent le soufre. C’est une belle Bande Originale, qui dépeint et repeint avec talent un des endroits les plus sombre du monde.

Tijuana Bible est un film remarquable et sa musique le rend encore plus supportable et merveilleux.

Hellen Page

Holep p in Tijuana on a path to self-destruction, an Iraq veteran seeks deliverance by helping a young Mexican woman navigate the underworld in a quest for her long-lost brother….

Tijuana Bible is the name of a night club located on the Mexican border in the city of Tijuana. It is a place of perdition in particular for American soldiers.

This is the story of Nick, an American veteran injured in Iraq, lives in Zona Norte, Tijuana’s red light district. Then he meets Ana, a young Mexican girl looking for her brother who has been missing for a few weeks. Together, they will dive into the slums of this city in the hands of drug traffickers.

In fact, this film is inspired by a true story, of a former veteran who converted and decided to help the poor who take refuge around an evacuation canal whose rainwater causes several deaths every year. A small community has formed around him and it is moreover his bus that we see in one of the scenes of this film. But beyond appearances, hides the meaning of life and of all these soldiers who are branded for life with a hot iron, psychologically destroyed because they took part in a war they did not understand. But in this place of perdition hides a spark of hope that will ultimately exceed all expectations in a huge fire.

That’s what touched me in this film. The music is constantly shifting, it starts from rubbed timbres to turn it into poetry to sublimate reality and give it back all its beauty.

I started with violin strings played very close to the bridge to produce a rapy sound and almost abrupt symphonic textures. Voices and special effects were then added to place the listener in a new, almost unreal world, where forgiveness and remission are hidden but become possible.

Thierry MALET

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