G STORM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

G STORM (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

反貪風暴 5″ (原创电影原声带)

Director David Lam

Music by Anthony Chue 褚镇东

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

G Storm will be the fifth and final film in the Storm series

Z Storm, S Storm, L Storm, P Storm

Follows an investigator as he prevents a terrorist attack during a symposium held by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption. He later finds it has links to human trafficking in Thailand…

The main’s themes from the previous four films remain, and a few new themes appear for several of the new characters. The music in this film is generally bolder, since the plot is bolder. Also, I have used the Cor Anglais, for the first time in my music. Is the exotic sounding texture and it fits the mysterious aspects of G Storm.

Anthony Chue – composer

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