Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Paolo Strippoli

Music by Raf Keunen

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

In the past few days Rome has been the scene of a singular event: when it rains, the manholes exhale a dense stream whose origin and composition is unknow. No one can imagine that whoever breathes in the mysterious substance will have to deal with what he/she represses, their darkest instincts, their anger. Not even the Morel family…


Flowing is a ghost story without ghosts.

Of the ghost story it respects the narrative structure, the suspension, and, after all, the “presences” the steam evokes might seem like ghosts. However, they are projections of our darkest instincts, the demons that we hide in the depths of our soul, that we feed without realizing it. Our anger.

The idea of ​​making a horror about rage in Rome immediately fascinated me for its truthfulness. The Rome described in Flowing is constantly on the verge of exploding and is not too far from today’s reality. It is sufficient to be in line at a supermarket or the post office, in a bus that is too full to feel it crawling among people. It is the same anger that feeds the worst forms of politics today, that gives rise to the most boorish outbursts on social media, that makes us increasingly individualistic.

 My intention was to make Flowing a dramatic film that would slowly slide into a spiral of horror, photographing the neuroses and weaknesses of the world we live in through the filter of the genre. I wanted Flowing to be what I most love and constantly look for as a spectator: a horror film with a heart.

                                                                                                                                          Paolo Strippoli


The big challenge for the score of Flowing was to find the right balance between the drama it holds and the horror elements. The family story at the heart of the film is very present and leads us to the bigger picture behind it. In each scene the characters and their struggles, obstacles and development: it’s rare to see a more in-depth approach of personal coping with inner demons in horror, but this is the horror itself and that’s fascinating. Their conflict with personal demons is the horror. 

                                                                                                                                                   Raf Keunen

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