Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Alessio Liguori

Music by Fabrizio Mancinelli

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Three engaged couples, Flavio  (Filippo Nigro)  and Elena  (Diane Fleri) , Federico  (Alessandro Tiberi)  and Claudia  (Marina Rocco)  and Enrico  (Marco Bocci)  and Martina  (Caterina Shulha)  decide to spend a weekend together in the Mediterranean, all guests on Flavio’s yacht. They are almost all rich, used to the good life, and this trip is an opportunity to spend time together and settle old grudges.

The outsider Martina, Enrico’s very young girlfriend, not used to that standard of living, but very attracted to the occasion, joins them. After the first day of celebration, sea and sun, the cruise takes a disturbing turn. Why did they wake up in the middle of the sea?

From Director Alessio Liguori

Music has always been the most important vibrational element in the success of any film. When I start working on a screenplay and focus on a new film, I listen to a wide array of music to channel the emotions of my work.  Working with Fabrizio Mancinelli surpassed my goals of creating an impactful score.  His sensitivity, knowledge of the medium and the shared culture of cinematic reference enable him to create unique and unforgettable music. Each time I work with him, he sets the bar higher and consistently manages to create something that well exceeds my expectations. Each challenge that we face in working on films becomes fascinating and stimulating. Working with Fabrizio is a privilege I wish for every director because he perfectly tailors his musical talent to each unique film.

From Composer Fabrizio Mancinelli

When Alessio Liguori asked me to compose the score for his thriller The Boat, I started carving themes based on the script, in order for the director to play some of the musical atmospheres on set to inspire the cast. Such a treat!

Some of the pieces ended up being used in the film, while others ended their lives on the cutting room floor.

We closely collaborated in creating a valid storytelling arc in music to properly underline each separate moment and grow until the end, without revealing too much of what we were about to see on screen.

It’s not usual to have this much fun while I work, especially on a thriller. I feel truly blessed to have collaborated with Alessio on this special film.

And I’m grateful to my great team (Luca Antonini and Piernicola Di Muro) and Budapest Scoring.

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