(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Rona Walter

Music by Nir Perlman

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

An injured stunt woman is infected by an ancient biological compound, when a side job as a PI goes wrong….


TOXICA is a movie that, as we found out after putting the visuals together, would deserve not only delicate sound design and SFX, but also quite the precise score.

The musical score is inspired by elements of 1990s rock music mixed with smooth synths and subtle orchestral elements. The gripping theme Nir crafted recurs throughout the entire film in different moods to cause a dreamlike – or rather nightmarish – cycle.

We emphasis the subtle dread lurking on screen, creeping closer with every act. For example, whenever “Professsor Senca”, portrayed by English actor Andrew Forbes (“Bronson”, “Dr Who”) is on screen, the sound of his clothes and movements is created with the sound of rustling leaves. We approached a similar procedure with Nir’s score, twisting expectations, to keep the audience unsettled without them quite knowing, why, Nir clicked immediately with my vision, and added some truly stunning ideas due to his seemingly endless knowledge of music.


Right from the initial conversation with Rona we knew the score for TOXICA wouldn’t settle for a generic Hollywood fresque score. Working with the changing nature of the film’s visuals and narrative allowed me to musically explore each segment while trying to create a coherent sonic foundation for the film’s world.

I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work on a film that allowed me to compose for horror, fantasy, action and drama all at once!

In terms of instrumentation, I grounded much of sound world in synth-based elements while adding the softness of the orchestra and the grittiness of analog and digital processing of sounds (from guitars to harps to a string section).

I am very proud of what we’ve achieved with TOXICA, as crazy as it might seem, I think the film stands out in its own special way, and I’m glad I got to be a part of this project.




Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Director Luàna Bajrami

Music by Aldo Shllaku

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Selection Quizaine des Realisateurs – Cannes 2021

France Cinema 27 Avril 2022

Three young and free-spirited women decide to escape their daily lives and form a  gang….

The movie is set in a remote Kosovar village and follows three young women fel their dreams have been stifled go on a quest for independence.

The dram premiered at last year’s Cannes Directors’ Fortnight and is being released in several international markets over the next couple of months.

Track List

  • 01 – A New Life
  • 02 – Qe’s Father
  • 03 – Trois + Un
  • 04 – A Newer Life
  • 05 – L’action
  • 06 – The Door
  • 07 – Le gros coup
  • 08 – Contrepoint
  • 09 – La fin


(Original Soundtrack)


(Original Soundtrack)

Music by Andre Matthias

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

“Farewell Gulsary” is based on a story by recently deceased Krygyzstan author Chinghiz Aitmatov that was filmed in 1968.On doubts the Ussr produced version had quite the same political thrust as this one, which lays full blame for both a herdsman and his champion horse’s unhappy fates on the inept policies and vicious petty bureaucracy of the Communist party. Veteran director Ardak Amirkulov’s scenic but wooden take makes those points rather bluntly, and the whole equine aspect eventually feels superfluous. After some fest travael, “Gulsary will fast be put out to pasture.

One last trip over the mountains. The old herdsman Tanabai and his trusted pacer Gulsary are on their way home, but Gulsary will not make it through the night. Famous Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov’s novel “Farewell, Gulsary!“ deals with old age, loss, and disenchantment but at the same time celebrates the beauty of life and what we make of it. On this long night in the mountains Tanabai reflects on his life while we in turn learn about Gulsary’s, told from the perspective of the horse itself. Sensitively written by Aitmatov and first published in 1963, the wistful story was adapted as a two-part radio play for German MDR radio by award winning director Heike Tauch under the title “Abschied von Gülsary“ in 2021.

I approached the music for this radio play as if scoring a feature film. Only this time most of the music was written and recorded before the script was finished or the actors’ voices were recorded.

We tried to cover every mood from the novel and recorded and mixed a score which would allow us to downstrip the music for the final mix, in case the arrangements threatened to overwhelm the soundscape. I also adapted the melody of the koshok, a traditional Kyrgyz lament, for two tracks.
This album features the full version of each track we recorded plus some variations. It is a soundtrack, a concept album, and a tribute to the late Chingiz Aitmatov and his wonderful characters.

Andre Matthias – Composer

  1. Tanabai 2:03
  2. Gulsary 1:46
  3. The Camel’s Lament (Koshok)* 2:38
  4. The Herd 1:09
  5. Dreams and Memories 2:13
  6. Tanabai’s Song 1:39
  7. Night 2:55
  8. Pacer 1:28
  9. The Storm 1:52
  10. Biubiujan 3:17
  11. Dark 2:03
  12. Dshaidar’s Song 2:18
  13. Racing 1:37
  14. The Vanished Summer 1:40
  15. Drudgery 1:50
  16. For Choro 1:21
  17. Winter 1:32
  18. Time Passes 1:35
  19. The New Age 3:05
  20. The Old Hunter (Koshok)* 2:40
  21. Farewell Gulsary 1:58

        * traditional

duduk, temir komuz: Sandro Friedrich
guitar: Riccardo Rocchi
oud, tambura, lauto, cümbüs: Christian Fotsch
soprano: Isgaard

guitar recorded by Stefano Rocchi
music mixed by Jens Lück at Art of Music Studio


By Maximilien Mathevon


By Maximilien Mathevon

Reality and Questions without answer…

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Bending Reality talks about the perception of reality, the faculty to interpret and manipulate this reality, to transform and sublimate it. What is true, what is wrong, what are the truths that exist behind appearances and how do they parasitize them? 

I wanted to create a constantly evolving sound universe, invaded by musical interferences which distort the appearances of the music.

I have also used unusual rhythms on some tracks (7/4) to create a sense of shift and that something is not working in the usual way.

This album is a constantly changing canvas, nourished by sounds and rhythms which add up, add to each other and evolve.

  • 01 – Point of View
  • 02 – Bending Reality
  • 03 – Beyond
  • 04 – Twisting Reality
  • 05 – Warp
  • 06 – Melting Reality
  • 07 – Glitch
  • 08 – Imagining Reality

Le Dernier Piano – Broken Keys

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Le Dernier Piano – Broken Keys

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Director Jimmy Keyrouz

Music by Gabriel Yared

Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital – Cd Physical Limited Edition

“Festival de Cannes

    Sélection Officielle”

Une musique et des maux. Les notes superflues mais tellement vrais au milieu des morts et des vivants. La guerre entend faire un autre son assourdissant, bouleversant. Ici en Syrie, plus loin au Yemen et maintenant a nos portes en Ukraine.

La vie est fragile, les instants d’une émotion rare. Plus rien n’est protégé, sauf les âmes qui donne du piano, de la voix…

Gabriel Yared est ce peintre d’un chaos de vie, imaginaire d’un printemps qui pourrait éclore, mais les destins se croisent, s’embrouille et parfois c’est le réel qui se dessine entre amertumes et regards vers un ailleurs.

Les notes sont brèves, romantiques et un piano se fait entendre toujours et de plus en plus fort.

Merci de ce moment d’espoir.

Hellen Page

Karim, un pianiste rêvant d’une carrière en Europe, vit dans une ville du Moyen-Orient déchirée par la guerre où les modes de vie modernes ont été interdits par un groupe extrémiste. Il est obligé de vendre son piano pour ramasser de l’argent et partir. Mais les choses s’enchevêtrent lorsque son piano est abattu. Karim se lance alors dans une quête dangereuse pour réparer ses clés cassées…

Broken Keys est un film sur un pianiste rêvant d’une carrière en temps de guerre. C’est un film qui traite également de la poursuite externe et interne de la liberté et de la paix par le protagoniste. Les acteurs et l’équipe ont pris un grand risque lors du tournage à la frontière entre la Syrie et l’Irak, car ces zones sont fortement touchées par la guerre en cours.

J’ai eu une grande et fructueuse collaboration avec le réalisateur, Jimmy Keyrouz. Tout d’abord, Jimmy m’a envoyé son court métrage à regarder, qui était basé sur la même histoire que Broken Keys. J’ai adoré et j’ai décidé d’aller de l’avant avec le projet. Jimmy est venu me rencontrer à Paris et nous avons eu une longue conversation sur toute la musique de piano classique qui devait être utilisée dans le film. J’ai ensuite commencé à travailler sur mes thèmes principaux pendant qu’il tournait. Il m’envoyait quelques scènes pour que je les regarde, et donc ça allait et venait.

J’ai ensuite commencé à travailler sur mes thèmes principaux pendant qu’il tournait. Il m’envoyait quelques scènes pour que je les regarde, et donc ça allait et venait. Nous nous sommes revus à Paris et avons passé quelques jours à parcourir la musique que j’ai composée, à réfléchir et à comprendre les choses ensemble. Jimmy est très musical et comprend les capacités et les qualités de la musique qui élèvent les images et engagent le public. Pour moi, c’est la collaboration idéale entre un metteur en scène et un compositeur. Broken Keys est un film remarquable qui parle à mon cœur, car il parle du pouvoir de la musique alors qu’une nation est en guerre.

Gabriel Yared – Composer



World Pop from LA, Berlin…

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

JOSE PROMIS is a Chilean-American singer-songwriter and composer, son of the well-known Chilean literature professor José Promis.

His eponymous debut album was released in 2005 and revealed that Promis was already influenced by the French chanson method and adult pop music structure, but there was a decidedly lo-fi element to the long player. The second album Promis issued, Promis 2 (2007), uncovered further sonic touchstones which included classical, Gothic, Mediterranean, and Balkan music. In a review of Promis 2, reviewer Leonard Lair remarked of the album, “Promis 2 is too long an album to take in one sitting, but overall, it’s the slower, subtler songs that should ensure Promis has a future beyond the reputation of a showman.”

From 2008 Promis teamed up with British producer Ian Matthews in Los Angeles, who produced the third album Promis III. Matthews would become a musical partner throughout his career. The basic idea for this album was to combine Promis chansons with electronic production, putting Promis’ songs to darker synthesizer sound.

MARIO HOFFMAN & MANOUCHKA MEYER Album “MANOUCHKA” Concert a l’Alhambra Paris 1er Avril 2022



Gypsy time…

En concert le 1er Avril 2022 – L’Alhambra – Paris

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital – Cd Physical


Un voyage dans l’âme éternelle Tzigane au travers mots et musique.

Un voyage autour d’un monde connu et inconnu.

Mario Hoffman: Grace à son père, dès son plus jeune âge il se familiarise

Avec les accords, du célèbre guitariste, DJANGO REINHARDT.

Sa maman chante, et il l’accompagne souvent très jeune

Aux terrasses des cafés.

Mario, c’est un artiste singulier, autodidacte.

Aujourd’hui il se dit que le moment est venu de chanter dans la les langues de ses origines, C’est une véritable renaissance qui s’offre à lui.

Manouchka Meyer : Pendant son adolescence , Manouchka vivait dans un HLM  en région parisienne

Souvent le soir quand elle promenait son chien , elle allez rendre visite aux gens du voyage , alors elle découvre autour de leur feu de camp , les premiers accords

De musique tzigane .

01 – Choun Man – 03:53
02 – Latcho drom – 03:47

03 – Pushka – 04:04

04 – Chpilo Gaiga – 07:16

05 – Diklo Weiss – 04:18

06- Ethmol – 02:55

07 – Manouchka – 05:26

08 – N’im Mur Léva – 03:15
09 – Narta an trin dives – 03 :31


(Original Television Soundtrack)


(Original Television Soundtrack)

Director Salvador Espinosa

Music by Andrés Sánchez Maher & Gus Reyes.

Label Plaza Mayor Company

HARINA, from Backdoor, becomes a series by Amazon and Comedy Central.

It will be an eight-episode series produced by ViacomCBS International Studios and will be seen on OTT by Amazon and on Pay TV by Comedy Central.

Harina tells the misadventures of the lieutenant and his partner Officer Ramirez, a very special police couple who must catch a serial killer known as “The Canceler”, whose goal is to end the lives of the most important characters on social networks with a very personal stamp, cutting their thumbs and throat.

Comedy Central and Amazon Prime Video Latin America announced the production and upcoming premiere of Harina, a spin-off inspired by the viral Backdoor sketch that will now become an eight-episode series that will be seen on both screens.

As detailed, the series will arrive in Latin America on March 9 by Comedy Central and on March 10 by Amazon Prime Video.

It stars Guillermo Villegas and Verónica Bravo and is directed by Salvador Espinosa (Club de Cuervos, Cómo sobrevivir soltero).


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Juan José Lozano

Music by Nascuy Linares

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

World Premiere at FIFDH 2022 Geneva

In 2008, FARC second-in-command Raul Reyes, was killed in a raid orchestrated by the CIA and the Colombian army. His computers were found: ten years of thousands of emails written by the man in charge of negotiating the release of 100 hostages, including Ingrid Betancourt. Jungle Rouge delves into the secrets of the oldest communist guerrilla, as the revolutionary utopia was slowly turning into a nightmare.

Director Statement : « Depuis l’écriture, j’étais convaincu qu’il nous fallait une musique originale en complément a ces musiques diégétiques et qui n’ait pas peur de rester en arrière-plan et de se fondre dans les sonorités de la jungle afin de donner du relief a une bande-son constituée essentiellement par des sons dits « naturalistes » issus d’une certaine captation du réel. Et c’est avec idée en tête que je suis allé a la recherche du vénézuélien installe a Barcelone, Nascuy Linares, qui venait de composer la musique pour «Embrace Of the Serpent » de Ciro Guerra et « Los silencios » de Beatriz Seigner, séduit d’abord par son immense talent et ensuite par la justesse de son interprétation du scenario lors de sa lecture »

Juan José Lozano

Film Director

Composer Statement: « When I read the script and talked for the first time to Juan about the film, the main sound images we shared aimed to the emotional weight of the music track. We totally agreed from the beginning that the film did not require long musical cues, but each of them would play an important role in order to carry on the energy of the characters and the words that were not spoken.

Nascuy Linares

Film composer

GREG HAYE – Album Travel

A Voice Among voices

GREG HAYE – Album Travel

A Voice Among voices

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital & Cd Physical – Limited Edition

Welcome to the artistic world of Greg Haye discover this atypical, sensitive and generous artist with an unusual career (inspired by David Bowie, Cat Stevens or Sting, Neil Young, Ed Sheeran or Ronan Keating)…

A voice among Voices, this is how it describes itself. His first goal to become a professional footballer but health (or fate) made him stop this promising career of which he keeps a mental strength which allows him to pass the tests.

If it was necessary to make the words resonate, to stretch the emotions like flaming arrows, it is done. If we had to adorn ourselves with stars under the starry sky, we found.

Greg Haye is a wonderful traveler of horizon and depths. From the rhythmic words there is all this San Francisco could have given us. The Isle of White could be resurrected and the blue paradises would resonate. We are in the imperfections of modernity and technology without forgetting the beautiful poetic souls. Greg Have is one of his adventurous dreamers.

Hellen Page