Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Director Dominik Sedlar

Music composed by Dalibor Grubačević

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Toronto 2022 Film Premiere

Based on a true story of a meeting in June 1945 between two powerful men with very opposite philosophies and perspectives on the future of their country. It is a dangerous time

As the Balkans war had just been won and the Nazis defeated, with The Red Army close at hand. A conversation that will shape the world

WWII ends on May 8th, 1945. Just nine days after the Partisans triumphantly enter Zagreb, Croatia.

On May 17th, the Partisan leader Josip Broz -Tito places Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac in “preventive detention”. He is seen as a threat to the soon to be created Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. The only known conversation between the two occurs on June 4th, 1945. June 4th, 1945. A conversation that ultimately shapes the future of both men and the country of Croatia…


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Composed by Dalibor Grubačević

01. The Conversation – Prologue                                               4:28

02. Four Years of War                                                                   0:42

03. The Cave                                                                                  1:37

04. Marija Horvat                                                                          1:52

05. Of All The People In That Bus…                                           1:26

06. What Came Of Marija?                                                         3:28

07. When No One’s Looking                                                       1:15

08. Forgery                                                                                     1:46

09. Memories Of Marija                                                              2:55

10. Fever                                                                                         1:17

11. Farewell                                                                                    3:27

12. Epilogue                                                                                   2:28

13. End Credits                                                                              3:15

Composed and orchestrated by Dalibor Grubačević

Performed by LS Studio Orchestra


By Maximilien Mathevon


By Maximilien Mathevon

Reality and Questions without answer…

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Bending Reality talks about the perception of reality, the faculty to interpret and manipulate this reality, to transform and sublimate it. What is true, what is wrong, what are the truths that exist behind appearances and how do they parasitize them? 

I wanted to create a constantly evolving sound universe, invaded by musical interferences which distort the appearances of the music.

I have also used unusual rhythms on some tracks (7/4) to create a sense of shift and that something is not working in the usual way.

This album is a constantly changing canvas, nourished by sounds and rhythms which add up, add to each other and evolve.

  • 01 – Point of View
  • 02 – Bending Reality
  • 03 – Beyond
  • 04 – Twisting Reality
  • 05 – Warp
  • 06 – Melting Reality
  • 07 – Glitch
  • 08 – Imagining Reality


(Original Television Soundtrack)


(Original Television Soundtrack)

Director Salvador Espinosa

Music by Andrés Sánchez Maher & Gus Reyes.

Label Plaza Mayor Company

HARINA, from Backdoor, becomes a series by Amazon and Comedy Central.

It will be an eight-episode series produced by ViacomCBS International Studios and will be seen on OTT by Amazon and on Pay TV by Comedy Central.

Harina tells the misadventures of the lieutenant and his partner Officer Ramirez, a very special police couple who must catch a serial killer known as “The Canceler”, whose goal is to end the lives of the most important characters on social networks with a very personal stamp, cutting their thumbs and throat.

Comedy Central and Amazon Prime Video Latin America announced the production and upcoming premiere of Harina, a spin-off inspired by the viral Backdoor sketch that will now become an eight-episode series that will be seen on both screens.

As detailed, the series will arrive in Latin America on March 9 by Comedy Central and on March 10 by Amazon Prime Video.

It stars Guillermo Villegas and Verónica Bravo and is directed by Salvador Espinosa (Club de Cuervos, Cómo sobrevivir soltero).


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Chiara Malta

Music by Olivier Mellano

Song “Kool Thing” by Sonic Youth

In this innovative fiction debut from Chiara Malta, a director with epilepsy trying to make a film about the life of famed Romanian actor Elina Löwensohn discovers that her real-life subject bears little resemblance to the star she idolized.

Federica (Jasmine Trinca), a clumsy and graceless Italian director, had her first epileptic seizure on Christmas Day 1989, while watching the execution of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena on television. Since childhood, her only passion was cinema, and one film in particular played an important role: Hal Hartley’s Simple Men, in which Romanian actor Elina Löwensohn has an onscreen seizure. For Federica, it was a critical moment of reflection and connection.

Director Chiara Malta was inspired by a meeting with the real Elina Löwensohn, an experience that started her questioning what it is that exists behind a simulacrum. In her tender, playful, and multi-layered fiction debut, she crafts a film that cleverly toys with perceptions and projections. Guiding us through the unconscious, Malta marches her characters from realism to the realm of magic realism, all the while weaving a captivating fable about idol worship and identity. The hypnotizing and innovative Simple Women proceeds like a colourful matryoshka: with the removal of each layer preconceived images take on new and spectacular forms.

MEMOIRS OF VICTORIA(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Longman

Music by Elliot Leung

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Traces the life of Anita Mui, Hong Kong’s disappeared Cantopop star.

As someone who grew up listening to Anita Mui’s music, this movie was nostalgia and equally as captivating. Beautifully shot, with amazing CGI work done to bring back some of the old Hong Kong infrastructure, the director of this movie really knew the true essence of Hong Kong back in the 80’s and 90’s. I loved how it focused on the more positive side of her life (without much family drama) because that’s how we want to remember Anita by. It was amazing to see her story being told as I believe that this movie will give more exposure to people in my generation these days, and to see how Anita Mui was one of Hong Kong’s greatest artists that pioneered the Cantopop genre. I had an amazing experience watching this movie and it’s definitely one of the better biopics created in a long time.

Les icones ne se ressemblent jamais et pourtant les publics se reconnaissent en elles et les couvrent de leurs larmes et de leurs espoirs. Anita Mui incarne une de ses déesses pop, privée de la vie assez jeune pour cause de maladie. Ses refrains sont restes dans la mémoire Canto Pop dans les rues de Hong Kong et de toute la région Sud-Est de la Chine et bien au-delà. Hongkong star system est une réalité et les déchirements ou les retournements de vie y sont fréquents. Alimentée par la presse et la ferveur locale mais surtout par l’enthousiasme des chansons qui parlent simplement au gens.

Magnifique orchestrations et interprétations du talentueux Elliot Leung.

En peu de compositions, Elliot Leung a signé les scores de films remarquables et qui restent dans le patrimoine chinois.

Hellen Page

It was a very refreshing for me to musically reimagine Hong Kong in the previous era. In this delicate score, I crafted three themes, which are first introduced, and then later interwoven interactively. I also loved the opportunity to feature solos played by the accordion, the samisen, the cello and the violin. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I’d like to thank Director Lok Man Leung and the production entrusting me with my unique creative approach.

Elliot Leung – Composer

Elliot’s fresh and bold approach to his composition injected new life into the film gracefully. It was a pleasure working with him and I greatly enjoyed his music. 

Longman Leung Lok Man – Director

Railway Heroes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Railway Heroes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

铁道英雄 (原创电影配乐)

Director Feng Yang

Music by Min He 何美

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Railway Heroes – 铁道英雄 is a Chinese war film  directed by Yang Feng and starring Zhang Hany, Fan Wei, Vision Wei, Zhou Ye and Yu Haoming. The film follows the story of a Counter-Japanese Underground Armed Force of the Communist Party in Shandong during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

The historical story of an enemy fighting the withs and courage of an extraordinary brave group of ordinary heroes known as the “Lunan Railway Brigade” who desperately fight to defend their homeland…

Le cinéma chinois entre dans la maturité. Des scenarios, des lumières et surtout des mises en scènes qui s’élaborent comme un tournant de précisions et d’ingéniosité. La toile de fond reste une histoire féroce et impressionnante. Une histoire riche, des drames, des moments heureux… C’est le propre d’une civilisation riche et profonde.

Railway Heroes est un de ses film épique, tourmente mais grandiose par des faits quotidiens enrichis d’héroïsme et de passions.

Min He une jeune compositrice signe la une de ses partitions les plus complexes et étonnantes. Accompagne par les cordes de l’orchestre symphonique de Prague. Il y a de la force de la puissance dans son écriture, emmenés par une histoire terrible.

On aimera a la mesure de l’énergie et de la passion qu’elle donne.

Hellen Page

Min He 何美 score is an electric ambient mixed by cello, string quator and nostalgic accordion…

Min He is a 2x HMMA nominated composer, songwriter, and pianist based in Los Angeles and Beijing. She has been involved in the production of over 80 English and Chinese language scoring projects.

Original Music Composer: Min He


Music Arranger: Min He

音乐制作 & 编曲:何美臻

Additional Music:Perry Woo

额外音乐制作: Perry Woo

Cello Player:Evgeny Tonkha

大提琴演奏:Evgeny Tonkha

Electric Guitar Player:Andrew Synowiec

吉他演奏:Andrew Synowiec

Accordion Player:Min He


Orchestral Performance by Prague Recording Orchestral


Conductor: Adam Klemens

指挥: Adam Klemens

Recording Engineer:  Jan Holzner

录音师:Jan Holzner

Scoring Mixer: Scott Smiths

音乐混音师:Scott Michael Smith

Music Editor:Jim Don

音乐编辑:Jim Don


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Megan Mylan

Music by Hanan Townshend

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

HBO Documentary

A meditation on the elemental bonds of family told through portraits of four Syrian families in the aftermath of war…Simple As Water is a quiet and meditative documentary from Academy Award-winning director Megan Mylan.

Dans nos epoque d’un monde Fou, il y a des batailles invisibles et pourtant bien reelles. Des familles, des enfants tentent d’eviter le naufrage de leur vie dans les guerres provoquees par les autres. Il tentent de vivre, la ou la vie devient impossible.

Et quand l’impossible n’est plus supportable, alors a la nage, a la rage, ils tentent une autre vie.

Les notes de Hanan Townshend, resument tres bien cette lente descente pour rejaillier dans un espoir inattendu sur autre vie du monde. Hanan Townshend un melodiste empreint de l’humanite des touches de son clavier. Une avancee lente et magique. Il nous avait déjà enchante dans un film fantastique « The Book Of Vision ».

Ecrire, composer est une part de son humanite que l’on devoile. Le present score de « Simple As Water » est un pur moment.

Hellen Page

The soundtrack for Simple As Water is an honest and reflective score tenderly underlining the brokenness, loss and pain of the many displaced Syrian families in the world. In conception, the score was not to be emotionally manipulative and in its spareness allow the viewer to sit with the families in their day-to-day life and, hopefully, feel they are alongside them in their moments of struggle, loss and joy. The understated quality of the music makes each cue more poignant and memorable, as the main piano theme weaves in and out through the film. The instrumentation of the score is an organic blend of oboe, bowed vibraphone, marimba, piano and solo strings, and Its childlike purity is a reflection of the film’s subjects, families and stories. The score is tinged with a sadness throughout, but is always reaching for a place of hope, warmth and resolution. “Less is more” was the statement I came back to again and again while composing the music for Simple As Water – empowering the viewer to feel vulnerable in the face of the realities these families face and to reflect on the human connections all beings desire and were, ultimately, created for.

Hanan Townshend


(Bande Originale du Documentaire)


(Bande Originale du Documentaire)

Realisateur Stephane Miquel

Musique de Maximilien Mathevon

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Diffusion France 3 Television

13 Decembre + rediffusions.

C’est un premier roman et c’est une œuvre ultime. C’est une révolution stylistique et c’est un scandale politique. C’est une femme et c’est tout le genre humain. C’est un romancier du XIXe siècle et c’est notre éternel contemporain. C’est la province et c’est le monde. C’est un procès du Second Empire et c’est une réflexion pour aujourd’hui…

Du 1er octobre au 15 décembre 1856, Gustave Flaubert fait publier Madame Bovary, mœurs de province, en feuilleton dans la Revue de Paris. à peine plus d’un mois plus tard, le 29 janvier 1857, il est traîné devant les tribunaux pour « délits d’outrage à la moralité publique et religieuse et aux bonnes mœurs ». Peine encourue : un an de prison…

Ce documentaire reprend le dossier Bovary. Convoque ses principaux protagonistes : Flaubert, le procureur Ernest Pinard, l’avocat Jules Senard…  Fournit de nouvelles pièces à l’accusation comme à la défense à partir de l’extraordinaire trésor d’archives (manuscrits, carnets, scénarios, plans… ) collecté par l’équipe scientifique du Centre Flaubert à l’Université de Rouen. Appelle à témoigner chercheuses et chercheurs français et internationaux, autrices et auteurs contemporain.e.s…

Avec une seule instruction : faire revivre dans toutes ses tensions et intentions le scandale Flaubert. L’affaire Bovary, c’est tant de procès en un seul : pour ou contre la Morale, le Style, l’Art, les Femmes, la Province, la Liberté d’expression… Autant de mobiles et d’alibis qui en les recontextualisant dans leur époque n’en regardent pas moins vers la nôtre. Et font d’Emma Bovary une héroïne universelle. 

Alors faites entrer l’accusé Flaubert, et avec lui cette autre nous-même : Madame Bovary… 

LA MANCHA NEGRA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

LA MANCHA NEGRA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Director Enrique Garcia

Music composed by Jesús Calderón

Performed by the “Banda Sinfónica de Jaén” orchestra, conducted by Pedro López Álvarez and Jesús Calderón in Jaén (Spain)

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

After the death of the elderly Matilde Cisneros, her three daughters set the wake before a neighbor that turns its back on them, a priest in war with the family, and the unexpected arrival of his eldest son.


From the beginning, I conceived the soundtrack of “La Mancha Negra” as rough and wild music, a reflection of the feelings of the characters, who are tormented in a very visceral and primitive way. The mother of the family, for example, with her brief but crucial role, continues thanks to the music to constantly float over the whole story like a ghost that haunts and envelops everyone with her sickly and greedy personality until the end. “La Mancha Negra” is made of rough percussions, repetitive motifs, dissonances … but there is also a place for hope, nostalgia, memory and regret; that materializes through the music for Mercedes, which transforms from atonality to become a melodic poem that reunites her siblings again. I have to thank the effort and passion of the musicians of the “Banda Sinfónica de Jaén” orchestra, who put all their effort and enthusiasm in interpreting my twisted music, and Pedro López for his mastery and professionalism. Thanks also to Enrique García, director of the film, for his eternal confidence and infectious enthusiasm. This soundtrack would not have been the same without his wise advice and his knowledge of the power of film music.

(Jesús Calderón, composer of “La Mancha Negra” soundtrack)


The trip to the devised town of Aljarria in “La Mancha Negra” is a journey to the roots of pain of a family broken by the past, in a harsh environment, where hopelessness reigns and where, after the death of Doña Matilde Cisneros, resentment and greed emerges. Photographically portraying “La Mancha Negra” was a difficult but very plastic task: The days with yellow sand floors, white houses, blue skies, women in black mourning and heat, a lot of heat. The nights give way to the blue of the moon, the gold of the lamps and the black night, as if they were paintings by Caravaggio. The music could not be under that black cloak. Thanks to the interpretation of the “Banda Sinfónica de Jaén” and the masterful score by Jesús Calderón, I have been able to hear the broken soul of the Cisneros family based on double basses, the awakening of greed with insinuating flutes, percussions, pizzicatos and brass for the nightmares that become real. And the love that existed and died like a dry olive tree in the “Nana de la Negra Noche” song, composed by Calderón for the broken and at the same time authentic voice of Zenobia Fernández. Thank you, Maestro Jesús Calderón for giving eternal life to the soul of “La Mancha Negra”.

(Enrique Garcia, director and screenwriter of “La Mancha Negra”)

Orquestaciones: Pablo Olivas Marco

Ingeniero de sonido: Rafa Martos

Banda sonora mezclada y editada por Jesús Calderón

Canción “Nana de la Negra Noche”

Escrita y producida por Jesús Calderón

Interpretada por Zenobia Fernández

Fotos de la grabación: Gabriela Cerdán Cerdá

Fotografía de estudio: Fidel Meneses

Diseño de portada: Pedro Cabañas

FABIO ABATE – Album “A Km 0”

FABIO ABATE – Album “A Km 0”

Italian Pop…

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital & Cd Physical

“A km 0”, meaning “made at a distance of zero km”, or “zero miles recording” is the title of the new album by the Sicilian singer-songwriter Fabio Abate.

An intense musical journey that arises during the lock down period. An artisan laboratory work wanted and conceived by the singer-songwriter himself who made use of the “Km 0” rules to make it happen.

Recording live in the habitat of his own house and his personal studio, without the help of large recording studios, Fabio Abate conceives this project that ranges from electro-pop to traditional sounds, from the typical ballads of his style to the dream stories of his repertoire.

Ten unpublished songs, with an international flavor, in some of them Fabio often betrays his Sicilian origin also in the dialect and in another – sung in English – he reveals his boundless artistic nature

Fabio Abate is a singer-songwriter, artistic producer and composer from Catania.

In 2010 he released the album “Itinerario precario (Precarious Itinerary)” for Carmen Consoli’s Narciso Records, for which he was also the author. One of the songs written by Fabio, “Senza farsi male (Without getting hurt)”, was included in the soundtrack of the film “L’uomo che ama (The man who loves)” by Maria Sole Tognazzi and received

a nomination for the Nastri d’Argento and the David di Donatello as best original song.

In 2020 on the occasion of Salvatore Adamo’s 60-year career, Fabio Abate sang together with Adamo himself and Riccardo Cocciante, Morgan and other artists the song “La notte”, to remember one of the most famous songs of the Italian song that has sold over 100,000,000 copies worldwide.

  • 01 – Plastica
  • 02 – L’abitudine
  • 03 – E intanto immaginavo
  • 04 – Valentina
  • 05 – Come ti Vorrei
  • 06 – Agatina
  • 07 – Ah che bella giornata
  • 08 – Il serio del twist
  • 09 – Come le stelle
  • 10 – Isa li manu