Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Paul Urkijo Alijo

Music by Aránzazu Calleja & Maite Arroitajauregi

GOYAS 2023 Nomination – Best Soundtrack – Best Song

Selection Festival Stiges – San Sebastian – Gerardmer

Follows Irati, a young girl who will guide a group of Christian and Muslim warriors through a journey in an ancient mythological world where everything that has a name exists, in an attempt to recover a lost treasure…


The key of the soundtrack of Irati was to underscore the duality within the story. On one hand, it had to be epic, wide and christian, supporting the concept of medieval movies. On the other side, it should represent the world of the pagan animism, magical and obscure, of the basque mythology.

The first part is more classical, more orchestral. The second part more is suggestive, telluric and experimental. The two worlds converge in the encounter of the two characters, each one with its own melody, that end merging into a unique theme. All this through sounds, textures and themes which bring us to the 8th century. 

The song IZENA DUENA BADA, as a tradicional copla, talks about the genesis and the pantheon of the basque’s mythological world collected in hundreds of stories transmitted orally. Mari, supreme goddess, mother earth, protects and punishes her daughters and sons justly. A world full of magic deities that will continue to exist as long as someone remember their names.


The main challenge when composing the music for Irati was to find the epic but at the same time, do it in a kind of original and personal way. The lack of sources of the music of VIII century in that context of confrontation between pagans and christians, allowed us the use the imagination in the process of defining both the textures and instrumentation of the score.

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