(Il mio nome e Vendetta)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


(Il mio nome e Vendetta)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A film by Cosimo Gomez

Stared by Alessandro Gassman, Remo Girone…

Music by Giorgio Giampà – Marta Lucchesini 

Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

A Netflix Film

After old enemies kill his family, a former mafia enforcer and his feisty daughter flee to Milan, where they hide out while plotting their revenge…


My Name is Vendetta is a film about physical and emotional survival. The music tells the story of the characters’ struggle in solving an impossible riddle to stay united and alive. We move quickly from the slow, soft, and welcoming rhythms of a daughter’s affection for her father, to the wild, percussive, and noisy races of escaping death. Likewise, we move from being glued to each sync to alienating ourselves from what is happening in the scene embracing Santo and Sofia’s story in its entirety. The use of synthetic timbres has allowed us to exploit the same sound matrix in many cases by treating it until we got the most different results, from sweetness, to total brutality, creating, beyond the themes, links of sound texture that act as a narrative thread. Giorgio Giampà – Marta Lucchesini composers

Track List

  • 01 – Sofia Reborns
  • 02 – Black Metal Motor Race
  • 03 – Santo is Dying
  • 04 – Don Angelo’s Monsters
  • 05 – Sofia Learns How Yo Fight
  • 06 – Badass Dad
  • 07 – Santo Begins
  • 08 – Trust Me, Son
  • 09 – Santo, Sofia and The Forests Call
  • 10 – Santo Kidnapps
  • 11 – Sons of The Wrong Fathers
  • 12 – Sofia Was Born for It
  • 13 – My Name Is Vendetta

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